07 May 2014

Tags: настройка,linux,archlinux

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Apps which I use

Here is a short paper devoted to the set of applications and extensions that I use everyday on my home computer.


KDE settings

KDE screenshot

QtCurve is used as Qt style, its settings may be found here, window decorations are presented by QtCurve too. Cursor theme is ecliz-small. Plasma theme is volatile. Icon pack is compass. I use fonts which are based on Liberation.

Used widgets (from left to right, top to bottom) are: menubar, homerun with transparent icon, icontask, netctl, default KDE tray, colibri for notifications, Awesome Widgets.

As a bonus material here is a settings for konsole bright colors.

Zsh demonstation

Firefox settings

I do not use a special settings, thus I get you a list of used add-ons: