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Daemon for starting jobs to queue of calculations. It was written as proof-of-concept.

$ queued --help
Simple daemon written on BASH for starting jobs to queue of calculations

Usage: queued [ -c /etc/queued.conf ] [ -v | --version ] [ -h | --help ]
  -c               PATH     - path to configuration file. Default is '/etc/queued.conf'

  -v   --version            - show version and exit
  -h   --help               - show this help and exit
$ add_queued --help
add_queued [ -c /etc/queued.conf ] [ -p NUM ] [ -u USER ] [ -h | --help ] /path/to/script

    -c               PATH     - path to configuration file. Default is '/etc/queued.conf'
    -p               NUM      - job priority
    -u               USER     - username
    -h   --help               - show this help and exit

Developers and contributors





I want note that all were tested on latest version of dependencies.

How to use

If you want to start the daemon just run

systemctl start queued

If you want to enable daemon autoload run

systemctl enable queued

But you may change path to configuration file or change parameters. To do it just copy (recommended) the source configuration file to new path

cp /etc/queued.conf /path/to/new/queued.conf

and edit it. Then copy the source service file to /etc:

cp /usr/lib/systemd/system/queued.service /etc/systemd/system/queued-my-profile.service

Replace following string in the file:



ExecStart=/usr/bin/queued -c /path/to/new/queued.conf

Adding a job

  1. Create shell script with the command (e.g. it have a name script.sh).
  2. Create priority file (script.sh.pr) with the job priority if it is needed.
  3. Create user file (script.sh.user) with the job username if it is needed.
  4. Copy files to $WORKDIR.

Also you may use add_queued.


All settings are stored in /etc/queued.conf. After edit them you must restart daemon

systemctl restart queued


| | | |———|———| | WORKDIR | Full path to directory with source jobs. Default is /var/lib/queued/work. This directory must contain source scripts script-name, a priority file (it is not necessary) script-name.pr and a file with username (it is not necessary too) script-name.user. | | JOBDIR | Full path to directory with running jobs. Default is /var/lib/queued/job. All job files will be moved here. | | QUEUEFILE | Full path to file with queue list. Default is /var/lib/queued/queue. | | PRIORITY | Default priority. Default is 0. The higher the value, the higher the priority of the task. | | SLEEPTIME | Time interval in minutes. Default is 5. | | STARTASUSER | Default user. Default is root. This user will own created files. |