arcanis' projects

The list of some of my projects

Report a Bug

Qt application/library which allows users to create an issue for projects which are hosted on GitHub. It may work over GitHub or GitReport. It works fine, but it was created as proof-of-concept.

Netctl GUI

Graphical interface for netctl (several scripts for work with network connection in Archlinux). It is written on C++ using Qt library. Now it may work with profiles and may create new profiles. Also it may create a connection to WiFi. Moreover, it provides a Qt library for interaction with netctl and widget and DataEngine for KDE4/KF5.


Daemon for starting jobs to queue of calculations. It was written as proof-of-concept.

Oblikue strategies

Plasmoid written on CPP that displays a random draw from Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies. It is GNOME applet fork with some of special features.

Awesome Widgets

A collection of minimalistic easily configurable Plasmoids written on C++/Qt, which look like widgets in Awesome WM. Also it provides additional system DataEngine.


Simple daemon that automatically creates git repository in the given directory and creates commit at the specified time interval.